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Wanna Learn How To Play Guitar?

Or take your playing to the next level?  Hi, I'm Trefan. Your first guitar lesson is on me! Zoom or in person at my studio in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. Look forward to meeting you...



With Custom Guitar Lessons

Over the past 37 years, I developed a fun & highly effective system for teaching electric & acoustic guitar. Whether you're just starting out or want to learn some new tricks, I'm absolutely here to help you on Zoom or in person, to achieve your goals for any style of music.

Have fun & learn fast

Learn any style at any level from anywhere

Book online & save up to 20%


With Guitar Lesson Package Deals

I believe in the power of music and I believe everyone deserves access to music education. So your first guitar lesson is totally free. Then I have 3 affordable package deals that will save you 12% to 20% off our regular lesson rate. The shorter guitar lessons are great for beginners and the longer lessons give more time to dive deeper and get a great discounted price.

Guitar Lesson

Reviews: Beginners, Parents & Pros

Trefan is an experienced instructor who can assist guitarists at any level of playing. My playing and knowledge of music theory is still progressing after several years of lessons with him. A true testament to his deep knowledge and ability to express concepts in a simple and usable way. He is always flexible with my schedule whether online or in person. A fantastic person to boot!  Highly recommended” 

Jevon H, Houston, TX

Trefan has been an amazing guitar teacher since I started getting lessons a year ago. I have learned so much in a small amount of time. He gives his students awesome resources that he makes himself and  great exercises to strengthen any skills students want to work on. Not only is Trefan an awesome teacher, but he is also an incredible guitarist who can play and solo to practically anything. I have had a blast being one of his students and would highly recommend getting lessons from him!!!

Olivia W.

When I started taking lessons with Trefan, I was at a point in my playing where I was stuck. With no direction. After a short amount of time working together, he had unlocked the whole fretboard for me! If you find yourself at a plateau with your playing, you should definitely begin your journey today! 

Gordon Holdon

Trefan always makes me laugh. It tells you a lot about a person, but that also translates into a comfortable working and learning environment. To this day I use two major things I learned in the first lesson. Watch out because it's action packed! Tref's brain works fast and it's fun to watch and learn from him. You will be on the fast track. All it takes is passion and you will see the passion with Tref.

Edwin Pierce

Trefan was the first person to teach me the beginner music theory I needed to start writing my own songs. He has that rare combination of gifted player, writer, and teacher. It's just so hard to find. He's had a major impact on my development as a musician, writer, and guitarist, and I'm so grateful to get to work with him.

Jeff Greeneberg

Trefan and I have been teaching each other things on the guitar since we were kids. To be clear, he has taught me a lot more than I ever taught him. In fact, I can't spend 5 minutes with Trefan without stopping him so he can show me what he just did. Quite simply, he is one of the better guitar players on the planet.

Tommy O'Donnell

Why Guitar? 

Picking up the guitar is one of the quickest & easiest ways to advance your music education, explore your musical curiosity, and discover your natural creativity.

At Underground Guitar Academy, I play and teach guitar because it's my life passion. If I can pass any of that joy on to you & help you get to where you want to go with music? Boom!

Why Now?

Discover a new or renewed passion playing your guitar.

Bring joy to yourself or your family with the gift of music.

Learn a skill you can use & enjoy for the rest of your life.


Our Founder, 
Your Teacher

Trefan has been playing and teaching guitar for 37 years--helping over 1000 students realize their greater potential playing guitar.


He started his own music education playing in bands. Rock bands, metal bands, pop, country, blues, funk, fusion, and jazz bands. But he also studied composition, arranging, and jazz guitar performance at the Dick Grove School of Music in LA and has a Master of Music in theory and composition from Southern Illinois University. 


Through the years he's developed so many guitar tips, tricks, and learning shortcuts for beginners as well as advanced players--including his practical Easy Fretboard Theory and Musical Phrasing to learn how to improvise, solo, create your own riffs, write your own songs, and easily get around on the fretboard. 

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