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Reviews: Beginners, Parents, & Pros

Trefan, is a great teacher and one of my guitar heroes. He is able teach across all genres. He is timely, organized and cared about my advancement. He’s responsible for most of the way I sound. I have taken what he has taught me and gotten better. I am currently a working guitarist. I would recommend him to any level of student.

Dexter O'Neal

Trefan is truly a master of his craft and an excellent teacher. He is very patient and is able to explain things in a way that makes it easier to grasp. My playing has improved exponentially since learning from Trefan, he has definitely helped me to connect the musical dots!

Randy Van Hook

I first met Trefan Owen when I was 16 back in ‘95. Started taking guitar lessons and studying music theory and all of a sudden instead of just hearing music I began to see it in a whole new light! My world opened up to all sorts of possibilities! Now when I hear a song I visualize the chords and the notes and progressions. 26 years later and my mind is still blown! Trefan is an amazing teacher and knew how to steer me in the right direction. I’m forever grateful our paths crossed! Music is the best! 

Tyler G.

Trefan was my guitar teacher years ago. He tailored the lessons for my goals and made learning fun! So it was only natural that when my son Jake started to take an interest that we chose Trefan. My son has surpassed my level in part from the guidance by Trefan.

Dr. O. Erin Reitz

I have known Trefan Owen for over 20+ years. He's a wonderful person and a great teacher. Anyone who is lucky to cross his path would find it a great experience. Young or old, Trefan has the knowledge. He loves music!

Matt Scott

Having Trefan as a guitar teacher really enhanced my guitar playing in all facets. He does an excellent job in determining how to best relate to you in what you are trying to accomplish as a student as well as what he is trying to convey from a teaching standpoint. Trefan is versatile in all types of music and shares a sincere passion for both playing and teaching. You spend a lot of time playing and having fun without even realizing that you are learning too.

Jeff Graham

I appreciated Trefan's patience and methodical approach to teaching me the major and minor pentatonic scales as well as  their connectivity on the fretboard...the same for octaves and their relationship on the fretboard and examples of their application...

Dave M.

Trefan was my guitar teacher off and on over a period of around 10 years.  Trefan's passion for music is very clear in his teaching.  He's outstanding with all levels, ages, and genres.  His level of musical education far exceeds that of most other instructors.  We have maintained a great friendship over the years and it all started as a teacher/student relationship.   I have recommended Trefan to many students and will continue to do so. 

Joel Gudeman

I have known Trefan for many years.  He has always loved music and seeing that others enjoy the opportunity of learning to play guitar and understand the theory behind what they are doing. Tref has an awesome ability of listening to the questions of his friends and students and figures out the best way to explain and teach every individual in a way that makes sense to them. I have recommended Tref many times to others and they were NEVER disappointed in their lessons, learning, and progress!

Mike Todd

Trefan and I have been teaching each other things on the guitar since we were kids. To be clear, he has taught me a lot more than I ever taught him. In fact, I can't spend 5 minutes with Trefan without stopping him so he can show me what he just did. Quite simply, he is one of the better guitar players on the planet.

Tommy O'Donnell

I remember trying to learn guitar on my own. Even with on line courses, I struggled...just didn't seem like I was cut out for guitar. But before I gave up, I thought I should try a real life teacher... As luck would have it, I found exactly WHO I needed. Trefan Owen. Trefan and I immediately "clicked" and he made me feel very comfortable. After a few weekly lessons, I felt that we were old friends. This guy can't wait to express his teaching abilities, he's very enthusiastic, you can tell that his main passion is music. He can come up with a multitude of scenarios in teaching that helps you discover your own way of learning. I highly recommend this man mostly because of his vast experience and his, one-on-one "zen like" instruction. He's a great teacher and person.

Alan M.

If you’re looking for a guitar teacher in central IL, Trefan has to be one of the best. He’s very knowledgeable in all areas of music but is able to break it down for any skill level to understand. He is able to teach all different learning styles and even gives you “homework” to work on in between lessons. He’s helped me reach my goal of being able to play and sing simultaneously. If you’re serious about getting better at guitar, this is your guy. 

Justin W.

I've known Trefan Owen for many years, and had the good fortune to take guitar lessons from him as well. He is knowledgeable in many genres, and teaches with a style that is both motivating and fun. If you are serious about learning guitar or bass guitar, I would highly recommend him as an instructor. He WILL make you a better player.  

Jeff Turley

Trefan is a fantastic teacher for any age student. I didn’t start until I was in my late 40s, play left-handed, and couldn’t have found a better teacher. He has an amazing grasp of music from the basic to the complex—whatever you want. He’s patient, tailors instruction to what students want—even to the point of creating tabs and guides for songs I wanted to learn—and makes learning fun. It was always a highlight of my week learning from him and I’m still using lessons he gave me. Can’t go wrong with Trefan as a teacher. He rocks!

Ron G

Trefan is an experienced instructor who can assist guitarists at any level of playing. My playing and knowledge of music theory is still progressing after several years of lessons with him. A true testament to his deep knowledge and ability to express concepts in a simple and usable way. He is always flexible with my schedule whether online or in person. A fantastic person to boot!  Highly recommended” 

Jevon H, Houston, TX

During high school age, I knew of Trefan Owen, not yet personally but because he was a well-liked and respected friend of my friends as well as a talented musician in town. Upon meeting him, it was immediately evident that the positive things I had heard were true. Trefan is a people-person, has such a positive attitude and always a smile on his face.
Trefan has always had a passion for teaching and helping others.
Fast forward 20 yrs and my teenage son was lucky enough to have Trefan as his guitar instructor. We could not have asked for a better mentor. I can’t say enough about Trefan. 

Deb P.

When I first came to Trefan, I knew the basic chords.  Thanks to his teaching and mentoring me, I went on to play lead guitar in a performing band! Whether it's country, jazz, blues, rock or metal, Trefan has the chops! Most importantly, he made learning and playing fun for me! 

Leroy Jenke

When I first started with Trefan I had been noodling around with basic chords and making very little progress. I asked him to help me be a better rhythm player and he challenged me to go beyond that. Every lesson included a little theory, a little technique, and a lot of fun. In a short time, I had a pretty good grasp of scales and chord shapes up and down the neck. And now I can figure out licks and basic solos on my own. You still have to practice but Trefan even made that fun. 

John Z.

Trefan is a great guitar teacher. He is able to distill complex music theory into easy to understand ideas and exercises and lessons. He has a great ear and a very diverse pallet of music. He is easy to talk to and fun to be around. 

Shane Green

Trefan is an amazing teacher. He taught me everything from the CAGED system to modes, from triad theory and practical uses to advanced chord construction. It's rare to find someone that can break a song down in real time, analyze the chord structure and scales used, and then make sure that you understood it. Trefan was especially good at assessing your level of playing and making sure you weren't overwhelmed with theory, but instead were actually learning how to play and practical theory that you could use for the rest of your life! 

Kevin Swaim

Trefan always makes me laugh. It tells you a lot about a person, but that also translates into a comfortable working and learning environment. To this day I use two major things I learned in the first lesson. Watch out because it's action packed! Tref's brain works fast and it's fun to watch and learn from him. You will be on the fast track. All it takes is passion and you will see the passion with Tref.

Edwin Pierce

Trefan is the best guitar teacher I have ever had. Even though he’s a superbly talented and versatile guitarist and musician, he had a unique ability to put me at ease and in a comfort zone, where the best learning could take place. And unlike some teachers, Trefan was not a “clock-watcher,” and if needed, he was always willing to give me extra time to ensure I understood the material we were covering. I remained fully confident that he always had my best interests at heart. Without reservation, I highly recommend Trefan as a competent teacher who will definitely enhance your guitar playing and musicianship. And as an added bonus, you will have made a good and loyal friend! 

David R.

I have known Trefan for years. He is an Ace #1 Guitar player and instructor. My lessons with him have really developed my musical skills and feel for the guitar tremendously... Anyone wanting to learn music and how to play guitar would be lucky to have him as a teacher... Thanks for your expert help Trefan.

Mike B.

When I started taking lessons with Trefan, I was at a point in my playing where I was stuck. With no direction. After a short amount of time working together, he had unlocked the whole fretboard for me! If you find yourself at a plateau with your playing, you should definitely begin your journey today! 

Gordon Holdon

Trefan was my first introduction to the guitar almost thirty years ago. He’s a patient and knowledgeable teacher, and he’s a big reason why I’m still playing today. He’s great at what he does.

Adam Humphreys

I was in a rut, sounding the same no matter what I did. I talked to a friend of mine & he completely turned my guitar playing around. Not just introducing me to a new way of playing, but teaching me what I had already been doing, how that related to what the structure of the music was & where it was all connected. Trefan is an incredible guitar player & an even better teacher.

Jay B.

Trefan has been an amazing guitar teacher since I started getting lessons a year ago. I have learned so much in a small amount of time. He gives his students awesome resources that he makes himself and  great exercises to strengthen any skills students want to work on. Not only is Trefan an awesome teacher, but he is also an incredible guitarist who can play and solo to practically anything. I have had a blast being one of his students and would highly recommend getting lessons from him!!!

Olivia W.

I remember the very first lesson I took From Trefan. Within literally 15 minutes, he had me understanding and playing scales in a way I had never understood or played before. He is patient, incredibly knowledgeable, and adaptable to your learning style. I know a lot of people that are great at the guitar but can't teach it. Trefan is not only an incredible player - he's an incredible teacher, too. Highly recommend!

Jordan Schupback

I started out asking around town for recommendations for a guitar teacher. I wanted the best. Everywhere I went people said, “No one plays better than Trefan Owen.“ Well I highly recommend Trefan if you’re looking!! He’s a wonderful teacher--patient, encouraging, and very knowledgeable! He helped me get the right guitar--down to the correct strings. Doesn’t matter if your brand new or been playing for years, Trefan is your man!!

Jeff A.

Trefan is one of the best guitar teachers I've had. He makes lessons super fun! And explains everything extremely well. He let's the student decide how they want to learn. A great approach that other teachers seem to lack. 

Jake R.

I’ve taken guitar lessons from Trefan for over six years. Everyone has a different learning style, and he can adapt to my way of learning. He makes it fun and has great technical skills to help you understand the instrument. (I’m up to two chords looking to learn the third one. LOL!) 

Randy G.

Trefan was the first person to teach me the beginner music theory I needed to start writing my own songs. He has that rare combination of gifted player, writer, and teacher. It's just so hard to find. He's had a major impact on my development as a musician, writer, and guitarist, and I'm so grateful to get to work with him.

Jeff Greeneberg

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